5 Essential Components of A Japanese Tea Set

If you have heard of the Japanese tea ceremony, you would know it is a detailed art. Across the world, people keep having reasons to use the Japanese tea set, being more than a mere kitchenware, especially if you would make "matcha," the Japanese green tea, or if you are learning the art of "chado," which is the way of making the Japanese tea. Now, if you have been wondering what a Japanese tea set has, there are 5 essential elements you need to look out for:

  1. Tetsubin: This is the Japanese tea kettle which comes in different shapes and sizes. It has a lid, a pouring sprout and a handle, which could be a loop or just by the side. Tetsubin is not a teapot, though, in some parts of the world, it is regarded as such, on the other hand, it is a variant of Tetsubin, which is glazed inward with enamel for tea brewing.
  2. Yunomi Chawan: "Yunomi" refers to the porcelain teacup found as an element of the Japanese tea set which is basically used for drinking tea. It has a well-defined foot base and is usually without handles. You may wonder how easy it is to drink tea from it without pouring on yourself. Actually, this is not difficult when you do it the right way.

iii. Yuzamashi: To brew a Japanese tea, you would need a Yuzamashi for cooling water or to adjust the water temperature. This is very essential in making the tea under an ideal degree. It is usually lead-free to ensure a safe health.

  1. Tea Canister: This is where you store your tea once it is prepared. Its major purpose is to keep the tea fresh until it is served. It is often designed with colorful patterns to bring alive your drinking environment so you would have a memorable experience.
  2. Chasen: Known as the tea whisk, it is used while mixing the tea with hot water to make a good brew. It is made of a single piece of bamboo and carved into a variety of types. You would have to store it properly to keep it in good condition for many years.


The Japanese tea making goes beyond the utensils; it is a way of life. This should give you reasons for having so much diligence crafted into the Japanese tea set.

Serving a Japanese tea brings more relaxed communication between people; if there was a time you took a well-brewed Japanese tea, then it is good to know that the wares used in making it are so indispensable.

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