5 Essential Japanese Kitchenware You Need

5 Essential Japanese Kitchenware You Need

Preparing Japanese meals is fun and fantastic, and you need to have your kitchen ready before you begin. Below are 5 important Japanese Kitchenware you must have in your kitchen to help in preparing delicious Japanese meals. 

  • Japanese knifes

The way you cut your vegetables, fish and other cooking ingredients is important, hence you need the right type of Japanese tableware and knifes to make your meals awesome. These traditional Japanese knifes are crafted to cut beautifully without causing damage to the ingredients. Generally, Japanese knifes are straight and single edged, and they are really sharp, so be careful when handling one!

There is a special knife for cutting vegetables, and this knife, which is locally called Nakiri-boucho is usually about 16-20 cm long. The other type of knife commonly used in preparing Japanese delicacies is known as Deba-boucho. With a length of 15-18 cm, it is typically used for cutting fish and preparing it. The third type of Japanese knife, called Sashimi-boucho which is used for slicing fish is typically 21-27 cm long.

  • Chopping board

Of course, you need a surface for using a Japanese knife, and this is the purpose of a chopping board. When choosing a Japanese chopping board, consider the size because choosing one that is too big for your workspace or sink can make cooking difficult for you. 

Since Japanese knifes are very sharp, it is advisable to use a wooden chopping board. This is because with one, the knifes drops on the board securely and softly without getting damaged. Additionally, the surface of the wooden chopping board can be scraped when it gets damaged and it can be used continuously.

  • Mixing bowls

When preparing Japanese meals, mixing bowls are very important. Having a couple of bowls is ideal, and they should be of different sizes and also serve different functions. Get bowls for washing vegetables and some for mixing salad.

  • One handed pots

Traditionally called Yukihira Nabe, the one handed aluminum pot is a must have Japanese kitchenware. With good heat conduction, these pots are light in weight and are also very cheap, compared to others. Very popular among professional chefs, these one handed pots will be very essential as you prepare Japanese food. 

  • Japanese mortars and pestles

This kitchenware is very essential, but traditionally Japanese mortars are really different from western mortars. They have grooves and make use of a pestle for grinding. When it comes to size, it is advisable to go for one that is about 18 cm. Their shapes vary though, but one with a rounded bottom is ideal for serving in the mortar to the table.

As for the pestle, ensure you go for one that is a bit longer than the diameter of the mortars, about 1.3 – 1.5 times longer. Do you want to get a strong pestle? then go for one that is crafted out of Japanese pepper tree because they are very durable.


While there are other types of Japanese kitchenware like frying pan, two-handled pots and strainers among others, the above five are very essential and should be included to your kitchen for the best experience when preparing Japanese meal. Let the cooking flow naturally, enjoy your meal!

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