All You Need To Know About Tableware

All You Need To Know About Tableware

Tableware is something most millennial might not be accustomed to because they are used to getting their food on the go, nobody has the time to set a time and eat a proper meal anymore. Of course, you should know that tableware is made up of the dishes used to set up a table and there was a time when it was very necessary to know the different dish wares or table wares and their specific uses.

While tableware easily translates as the plates, spoons, and cups used to eat on the dining table, that is not all. There is so many other kitchenware that makes up the tableware.

The tableware is split into 4 categories which are; drinkware, Serving ware, flatware, and dinnerware. They cover all the parts of Tableware you need to know about.

  1.    Dinnerware

This category of tableware covers all the pieces used to serve individual meal portions. It includes;

  •    Charger plates

This plates are the largest for individual serving on the table and are used as the base for other dinner wares.

  •    Dinner plates

They are a little smaller than the charger and used to serve the main course.

  •    Salad plates

They are often placed on top of the dinner plates because they are smaller or placed to the left of the forks.

  •    Soup bowls

This dinnerware mostly comes from the kitchen during soup course and can be placed on the salad plate.

  •    Ramekins

They are also known as dessert dishes and are smaller than the dinner plates. They are also served from the kitchen.

  •    Bread plates

This is always placed at the top left side of each place setting because they are the smallest in this category.

  1.    Serving Ware

Serving wares are used to serve or display the food to be served to the group on the table. It includes;

  •    Trays
  •    Pitchers
  •    Bowls
  •    Carafes
  •    Platters
  1.    Flatware

These are the kitchen wares each on the table uses to eat the meal. They might be vaguely known as fork, spoon, and knife but it covers much more than that.

On the table, they are placed in order of usage, with salad fork starting on the left, knifes on the right and spoons outside. These flatware include;

  •    Salad Fork; they are used for your salad meal.
  •    Soup spoons; they are used for your soup dishes.
  •    Dessert forks; used for desserts
  •    Steak knifes
  •    Butter knives
  1.    Drinkware

You should know by now that this tableware category covers utensils used to drink. Although they include different types for different occasions or drinks. They include;

  •    Champagne flutes; they are used to drink champagne and are often at the right of wine glasses.
  •    Water Goblets; they are used to drink water and are placed above the knives on the table.
  •    Wine glasses; they are used to drink wine and are placed on the right side of the water Goblets.


While setting a table might not be so popular as it used to be, it does not hurt to know more about table wares and their placements, you just might need to impress someone with this information one of these days.

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