Ten Types Of Japanese Kitchenware

Ten Types Of Japanese Kitchenware

Preparing Japanese dishes require the right kind of ingredients and the skill of the cook to make something fantastic. To prepare the meal properly, you need the right kitchenware, and they’re mostly Japanese. Japanese kitchenware is known for their quality, durability, practicality and fantastic designs.

Here are ten types of Japanese kitchenware to aid your cooking:

  1.    Knives: the Japanese have a variety of knife collection that serves different purposes in food preparation. These knives are made through traditional Japanese blacksmith skill. These knives are made from stainless steel or the type of steel used in making swords known as hagane. The Japanese knife design is differentiated by some categories such as the handle, steel type, blade grind and method of construction. These knives serve different purposes such as

-    Deba bocho known as the knife for carving meat

-    Fugu hiki and Tako hiki; these knives are used for slicing the meaty and fishy ingredients of Sashimi

-    Nakiri bocho and Usuba bocho, known as vegetable knives, used for preparing vegetables.

-    Oroshihocho and Hanchohocho are both used to removing the bones of Tuna. They are extremely long

-    Santoku: this knife is inspired by the European style and is used for all purposes

-    Udonkiri and Sabo kiri: used in making Udon and Sabo

-    Unagisakihocho known as the eel knife

  1.    Pots, pans, and bowl: here are a list of Japanese pots, pans, and bowls

-    Aburakiri: used in draining oils, it’s in a tray form

-    Agemononabe: this is used for deep frying, it’s a deep frying pan

-    Donabe: this is ceramic and is used on open flames

-    Hangiri: This is known as a rice bowl

-    Makiyakinabe: these are pans used in making omelettes, they are rectangular in nature.

-    Suihanki:  this is an electric rice cooker

-    Suribachi and Surikogi: these are the Japanese grinding mortar and pestle

-    Usu and Kine: these are large mortar and pestle used for pounding rice

Other kitchenware includes:

-    Ikijime: known as a spike used on fish brains

-    Makisu: made from bamboo, used for Sushi rolls

-    Oroshigane: these are the traditional graters

-    Oshizushihako: is a box used in making Sushi

-    Saibashi: this is chopsticks for eating

-    Zaru:  this is a bamboo made draining basket

-    Shamoji: this is known as a rice paddle used to cook and serve rice and

-    Shakoda bento: a box like tray used in serving Japanese meals, can hold upto 2-4 servings at the same time.


Japanese meals are best made with Japanese kitchenware, and they’re the utensils used by those in Far East Asia.

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