Benriner Mandoline Vegetable Slicer

KYUBEI Japan Pte Ltd

SKU: 31-0052-0101

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Made in Japan

Perfect for both household and professional use: easy, quick and beautiful various type of vegetable slices.

Able to prepare beautiful garnishes with 3 types of interchangeable blades (fine blade/medium blade/coarse blade).

Flexible thickness adjustment able to make amazing garnishes as thin as 0.3mm to a thickness of 5mm.

Easy blade replacement. Double-sided blade for bi-directional cutting. Easy blade removal makes cleaning easy.

Material: Resin/ABS resin, AS resin, POM resin

Thermal resistance: temp 70°C

  • Please pay special attention as vegetable becomes smaller when slicing. Make sure to use FINGER GUARD for protection.
  • When using FINGER GUARD, be aware not to let your fingers slip past the FINGER GUARD.
  • Do not touch the cutting edge of the blade under any circumstance.
  • When removing or opening the CUTTING SURFACE upward, avoid touching blades.
  • Keep BENRINER, blades, screws out of reach of children.
  • Do not place on open flame or heat source. Material is susceptible to melting.
  • Washing with brush or powdered cleanser may scratch the surface.
  • No wiping with thinner, gasoline, benzene etc
  • Wash thoroughly if BENRINER comes in contact with oil or harsh chemicals.