Diatom Earth Charcoal Grill BQ8F with Grips

KYUBEI Japan Pte Ltd


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The benefit of charcoal grills is the balance between heating power and the effect of far-infrared rays. Diatom earth bricks, which have been used for industrial applications, have high durability and fire resistance, and can be used in various situations, both indoors and outdoors. Since the grills are very well insulated, they require less fuel, and are economical to use.

Outer dimension 310×230×H200mm
Inner dimension 230x150x110mm

Features of Charcoal Grills

Porous ceramic for heat protection
Charcoal grills made of heat-resistant, thermal insulation bricks of porous ceramics have an excellent heating effect, and since the housing of the grill is not heated, there is no danger of burns. The grills' high durability and resistance to moisture make them popular among professionals.
High durability
B2 standardized diatom earth bricks fired at 1,000 degrees, which are integrated into the grill, improved durability while maintaining thermal insulation. In addition, glass-coated galvalume fittings are used for reinforcement. Since expansion and contraction due to heat are absorbed at the joints, the metal fittings for reinforcement are effective.
The secret to perfect grilling
The grill's high thermal insulation minimizes the heat being emitted from the stove. In addition, since far-infrared rays are emitted when diatom earth is heated, grilled meat and fish are crispy on the surface and soft inside.