HARIO Sake Cooler With Ice Pocket IDM2ESV 360ml

KYUBEI Japan Pte Ltd

$134.10 $168.30
SKU: 12-0845-0101

A cold sake decanter, glass wine ewer that keeps the drink cold without diluting.
Because the sake cooler is made with a heatproof glass, the sake can be beautifully decorated on the table. With the ice holder separated, the sake will never get diluted.

Article No.: IDM-2ESV
Color: Silver
Size: W180xD130xH150mm
Capacity: Practical capacity 360ml
Weight: Approximately 500g
Lid/Handle: Brass/Silver plated
Band: Stainless steel
Glass pot / Ice holder: Heatproof glass
Ice holder cover: Polyethylene