OIGEN Teapot CHIGUSA Green 0.55L

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The Tohoku region is famous for its many small companies that still work in the traditional crafts. One of these most famously and instantly recognizable art forms is “Nambu Ironware” which originated in Iwate Prefecture.

The roots of this ironware technique can be dated back to the Heian period (794-1185) and was primarily casted in the Iwate region. While not particularly popular nowadays, OIGEN still is proud of its 160 year old history of metal casting and is famous around the world for it.

Handmade and proud

While there are many factories that produce large batches of Nambu ironware, OIGEN is proud that each good is crafted by hand, one by one. They even go as far as imprinting a unique number to each ironware item that they craft.

Efficiency of Ironware

One of the benefits of ironware is that is boils water extremely quickly. Other benefits include the elimination of some chemicals in tap water (due to chemical processes with the iron) and also reduction of unpleasant smells.

Nambu ironware is one of the prides of Japan with its extremely long history and somehow unique beauty. This past March there was an exhibition in London, England that included ironware from OIGEN.

As the world becomes more interested in traditional crafts from Japan, people can rely on quality and design from these types of old and historical companies. Next time you come to Tohoku, make sure to check out OIGEN products as you may end up bringing one back home!