Professional Benriner Mandoline Vegetable Slicer

KYUBEI Japan Pte Ltd

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Made in Japan

Perfect for both household and professional use: easy, quick and beautiful various type of vegetable slices.

Able to prepare beautiful garnishes with 3 types of interchangeable blades (fine blade/medium blade/coarse blade).

Thickness Adjustment Dial on the bottom of the equipment makes amazing garnishes as thin as 0.5mm to a thickness of 5mm. Non-skid base and hook provide good grip while slicing.

Screws at side of equipment for attach/remove the interchangeable blade. Tighten the screws to secure the interchangeable blade and loosen them to remove. Insert blade in Interchangeable Blade Slot with its cutting edge facing down.

Each parts (blade, main body and cutting board) can be removed for cleaning after use.

Material: Resin/ABS resin, PP resin, Elastomer resin

Thermal resistance: temp/14°F~158°F/-10°C~70°C

  • Do not place on open flame or heat source
  • Do not use dishwasher dryer as high temperature may cause damage to the plastic
  • No wiping with thinner, gasoline, benzene etc
  • Wash thoroughly if BENRINER comes in contact with oil or harsh chemicals