Sakai Kikumori Premium Powder Metal WA-Gyuto (Chef's knife) 210mm Ebony Marble

KYUBEI Japan Pte Ltd

$515.00 $606.00

Pursuit for the pure practicality-If you are looking for a knife that promises pure performance, KIKUMORI Premium Powder Metal is for you. Its extreme sharpness and edge holding capability will withstand even the needs of a demanding top class Chef. Premium powder metal clad steel-The core steel SRS15 gives the "KIKUMORI Premium Powder Metal" blade an immense strength and incredible hardness of up to HRC64. The fine molecular structure of the powdered steel enables these slender blade knives to glide effortlessly through any task , giving the act of cutting a fluid silkiness. The remarkable inner core is protected by a layer of softer (SUS-405) stainless steel on both sides to ease sharpening.  Powder Metallurgy for the blade core steel- The added elements of tungsten, molybdenum and vanadium are very effective in contributing to the knife's hardness and durability. However when using the conventional dissolution method, they tend to turn into rough carbide during the coagulation process. Powder Metallugy achieves coagulation maintaining the miniute metal structure even when reacting with the abundant matter of these elements. The powdered high -speed steel (SRS15) is a material very rich in carbon and these other elements. The " Powder Metallurgy" application produces an ideal result.