ZANMAI Classic Damascus Corian Santoku 180mm

KYUBEI Japan Pte Ltd

$194.80 $259.70
SKU: HKC-3003D

Features of Blade
Hamaguri edge is the most ideal structure to cut food materials very sharp and to keep the blade strength.
Blade Material
Damascus blade (32 layers Damascus steel w/VG-10 core) - The feature is an attractive patterns appearing on blade surface.


Features of Handle

The structure of the handle
We engrave ZANMAI logo on the bottom cap and polished with mirror finishing. It’s a very outstanding looking.
Handle Material
Classic handle with metal junction searched smooth gripping and handling, which is grinded with perfect technique in details.
Grinding with super technique
Handle is grinded perfect by super technique making good use of MCUSTA POCKET KNIFE grinding, which we can proud in the world.