ZANMAI Revolution SPG2 Green Micarta Gyuto (Chef's knife) 210mm

KYUBEI Japan Pte Ltd

$361.70 $482.20
SKU: ZRG-1205G

Features of Blade

Hamaguri edge is the most ideal structure to cut food materials very sharp and to keep the blade strength.



The material is called "SPG2". This is a powder steel. It is very popular among professional chefs because it is hard and sensitive. The sharpness is amazing. HRC is 61°, There are 3 layers. It looks very much like Japanese swords. The contrast between the blade and edge is remarkable.


Features of Handle

This is the best handle made by our cutting edge technology. It is a decagonal handle you've never seen on the market. There are 3 different models: Black pakka, Red pakka and Green Micarta. The mosaic pin is different in each model. The handle is lightweight, and has a comfortable grip and an ergonomic design. The weight balance is perfect.