7 Types Of Japanese Tableware That You Should Know

7 Types Of Japanese Tableware That You Should Know

Japanese food is very delicious, and it isn’t just the ingredients used in preparation that makes it special, the tableware also adds to its uniqueness. Japanese tableware isn’t just limited to plates, side plates and some bowl sizes, there is more to it. 

In Japan, the tableware consists of a bowl and plate size and shape for nearly everything. There are deep ‘tea bowls’, chopsticks and flat serving plates, just to mention a few. These cutleries are classy and made with elegant designs making them more attractive. Without wasting time, here are some Japanese tableware you should know.

  • Yakimono-zara
  • Want to serve grilled food? Then your best bet is Yakimono-zara, a serving plate that is flat in nature. An elegant tableware, they typically come rectangular, but you can also find some that are square in shape. In addition, you can also use them for serving any other Japanese meal you want, not just grilled food. 

  • Chawan
  • When translated, this literally means ‘tea bowls’, and as the name implies is suitable for serving tea. Though they are traditionally meant for serving tea, you can use them as rice bowls since they can fit into the hands. 

  • Shiru-wan
  • A deep bowl that usually comes with a very decorative lid, the Shiru-wan is fantastic for serving Japanese soup or broth. With its lid, soup can be kept warm at the table, and they can also be used to store food.

  • Hashi-oki
  • Adding style to your table is essential, and this tableware is ideal for that. It appears unusual, but serves as the rest for chopsticks. Though the Hashi-Oki isn’t the most important tableware, it can be used instead of a plate or bowl, and as stated earlier serve as the chopsticks rest.

  • Chopsticks
  • No matter how you decorate your table, it is incomplete without chopsticks. They have been used throughout the history of japan, serving as spoon for eating, and for any other function that involves transferring food from the bowl into the mouth. They come in simple forms and also in very complex and stylish forms, all depending on how elegant you want them to be. 

  • Nimono-wan
  • A wide-mouthed bowl, the Nimono-wan is a Japanese tableware that is very suitable for boiled or stewed food, and can be used for various dishes you prepare at breakfast, lunch or dinner.

  • Kobachi
  • A well-known tableware, this Japanese bowl is small in size and performs a similar function with a side dish or tapas bowl. Traditionally shallow, it is widely used for vinegar dishes or special meals. 


    Japanese food is one of the factors that makes their culture standout, and even their tableware is unique, as they add style and make your table very attractive. 

    These are some of Japanese tableware you should know, but there are still some more not listed in this post such as Chuzara and Kozara, Donburi-bachi, and Yunomi-jawan, just to mention a few. If you are new to Japanese tableware, then you must have learnt about one or two Japanese Kitchenware in this post. Add class to your meals; make yourself happy, use these Japanese cutleries today!

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