Kyubei began as a blacksmith's shop founded by Kyubei Kishi below Nagoya Castle, in the Owari domain in the late 1700s, which was during the latter part of the Edo period. The shop continued to operate in Hisaya-cho for 6 generations through the Meiji restoration, however trading ceased due to the chaos created by the pacific war. In August 1945, Yasuji Kishi (7th generation) founded the Kishiyasu store (currently Kishiyasu Corporation Ltd.), and resumed business as an ironmonger. However, during the rapid expansion of the Showa period, business began to transition into becoming kitchenware wholesalers geared towards the food service industry, and this business, which had been an iron foundry since its inception released the Kyubei brand of knives. To this day, the main office of the Kishiyasu Sangyo Co., Ltd is located in the old foundry district (currently Marunouchi 3-chome, Naka-ku, Nagoya) and produce cast iron and other metal kitchen products for the national and global markets.