Different Types Of Sushiware

In Japanese cuisine, there are different cutlery for different purpose, and this is true for sushi. Shopping for the best sushiware might seem tough, but it shouldn’t be because we are about to bring to you different types of sushiware you should know.

For you to become a sushi master, you need the right equipment just as you need the ingredients and also the sushi making guide.  No matter how skillful you are at making sushi, the wrong wares can ruin the final product, therefore, let’s take a look at some of the essentials for making sushi.

  • Knives
  • Knives are very important when it comes to making sushi, and in Japan, they don’t just make use of any type of knife. Using the right Japanese kitchenware is necessary, but knives are very essential. Make use of the wrong knife, and you will ruin everything!

     For your sushi to come out beautifully, you need to cut the vegetables, fish and also the sushi roll itself precisely, and they all have special knives. In order to make cutting the ingredients precise, Japanese knives are single edged. To help you better, we have even made a post about choosing the right sushi knife. 

  • Sharping stone
  • Sushi knives are very sharp, and to maintain that sharpness at all time they need something to keep them sharp, and this is the purpose of a sharpening stone. As the name implies, the sharping stone ensures that the sharpness of the knife is maintained at all time, making it a worthy companion to your sushi knives.

  • Suihanki
  • In order to perfect your sushi, you need perfectly cooked rice, and the best way to achieve this is by using the right rice cooker. Fortunately, there is an utensil for this name ‘Suihanki’, and this sushiware will help you get an awesome result when cooking your rice.

  • Hangiri
  • With a perfectly cooked rice, you must ensure that it is left to rest properly while adding important ingredients like the sugar, rice vinegar and salt. This should be done using the right Japanese kitchenware, because if done wrongly your cooked rice might not be tasty enough for consumption. Traditionally, the Japanese uses a ‘hangiri’, a wooden container, for mixing the rice with the necessary ingredients.

  • Shamoji
  • Don’t you want the sushi rice to be in perfect condition when served? You surely do, and for this you need a rice paddle to mix the rice so that the excess moisture will escape. While this can be done using different items made of different materials like wood or plastic, this step is traditionally carried out using a ‘’Shamoji’’. 

  • The makisu
  • Do you want to roll sushi beautifully? If yes, then the ‘Makisu will be of great help. With this bamboo mat, your sushi will get a very nice shape and it is a very popular utensil among lovers of Japanese food.


    After you must have finished preparing your sushi, serving it properly is very important, and you can use traditional methods of serving the sushi. With the right sushiware, preparing your sushi shouldn’t be difficult for you. Enjoy! 

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