How do you choose a sushi knife?

Making a sushi roll is interesting, and it involves chopping the vegetables, cutting fish and also cutting sushi roll itself. Apart from following instructions for making one, you also have to cut the ingredients precisely, and this hugely depends on the type of knife you use, and the knife is undoubtedly the most important sushiware. 

Choosing a sushi knife can be tricky, especially with the numerous options out there. Before you choose a sushi knife, there are many factors to consider ranging from how you intend using it and also the quality of the material used for it. With that said, let’s look at how to choose a sushi knife.

Sushi knives can be classified based on the material used for making it, and there are basically two types of materials for it. There is the high carbon steel and the stainless steel. Before you buy one, know that a high carbon sushi knife is very sharp, and better than a stainless one in terms of sharpness. In fact, most traditionally sushi knives are made of carbon steel because they cut more precisely compared to their stainless steel counterparts.

Additionally, the carbon one is easier to clean when compared with the stainless one. But a stainless steel sushi knife is preferable if you want a sushi knife that doesn’t require much maintenance. Moreover, a stainless steel sushi knife wont rust, and it is better if you don’t need a knife that is too sharp.

In order to make a better judgement, it is ideal to first of all know the types of sushi knives. In japan, each type of seafood has a special set of knife designed for it, hence it is important to get the right type of knife for every type of food you are making.

Types of sushi knife

 There are basically three types of sushi knives, and one is the Yanagi. This knife is traditionally long, and has a very slim and thin blade. With its design, it makes slicing the sashimi very precise and neat. Another type of knife for sushi is the Deba, and it is used mostly for cutting whole tuna and also beef. The third popular type of knife for sushi is the Usuba beautifully designed for chopping vegetables. With this knife, you can slice vegetables in a decorative manner.

Taking care of your sushi knife

Now that you have known the three main knife types for sushi, remember to take care of them. Never allow dishwashing detergents to get in contact with them because this will make the knife get bad. If you take proper care of them, you won’t need to replace them.

When you are done using a sushi knife, ensure that you put it back in its case and on a different space in a drawer or on a rack. If you want to clean them, use soapy water, rinse with clean running water and clean it well with a dry towel. This is very essential if your knife is a high carbon one. Additionally, don’t use your sushi knife for cutting frozen food, and if you use it for cutting lemon, lime or any similar item, ensure that you wipe it frequently.


When buying a sushi knife, there are different types you can choose, and it all depends on what you want to achieve. Ensure that you take proper care of your knives, and you should get a special knife for each item you are cutting. Cut like a pro, enjoy your sushi today!

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