HASEGAWA-Makisu (Sushi Roll Mat)

KYUBEI Japan Pte Ltd

$47.40 $59.30
SKU: 45973111

HASEGAWA-Makisu is a revolutionary sushi mat that makes use of neither the traditional bamboo nor cotton strings but advanced plastic and monofilaments. They are not only hygienic but also easy to roll as a sushi mat. Designed with several benefits below.

- Does not generate splinters or black mold, like those conventional bamboo ones always do.

- The monofilaments that deter contamination are used for the binding strings.

- Ingredients less likely to stick to its embossed surfaces.

- Easy to dry so that can be used right after washing.

- Yet as easy to roll as conventional bamboo ones.

- Dishwasher safe; bleach safe.

W250xL240mm 0.16kg