Choosing The Perfect Sushi Knife

Choosing The Perfect Sushi Knife

To buy an ideal sushi knife, there are quite many things to understand and know concerning this type of knife. I want to share with you tips to look out for when going sushi knife shopping.

 Firstly you have to understand that a sushi knife is produced to cut and prepare the three important ingredients needed for a sushi roll and that is because they are made with high carbon steel instead of stainless steel, they’re bound to rust quickly but its edges are always going to get sharper because its rim is single beveled.

Here are tips on shopping for a sushi knife:

  1.    Look out for a sushi knife that has a single bevel edge which means the blade is sharpened for one edge to be used for cutting while the other edge is left flat to prevent food from sticking.
  2.    Secondly, the handle of your sushi knife must be right-handed so it can cut fish better than when it’s left-handed. Left-handed knives are made on order, and they’re expensive. The handle of the blade has a “D” cross-section shape which make the use of the knife more suitable over a period.
  3.    The handle of the knife has a bone cap close to its top, and it’s made with different types of wood.
  4.    Another feature to look for is the tang, which is the metal part of the handle which runs down its length. Each sushi knife has a different tang, either full tang or half tang. A full tang has its metal fixed to the whole length of the handle while a half tang has its metal at half the stem. What you need is a knife which has its blade wholly surrounded by its grip, so it doesn’t get dislodged over time
  5.    Don’t purchase a stainless steel knife, because they are not efficient enough and are not the traditional knife used for sushi
  6.    The first sharpening: the first sharpening is very important when buying a single bevel knife, they don’t come already made. So when shopping for a sushi knife, buy from vendors who would sharpen the knife to your taste.
  7.    When shopping for a sushi knife, buy from someone with a reputation of selling original stuff. In making a knife purchase, there are few ups and downs, buy from someone who would give you quality and not the one you’ll have to make a return.


When going sushi knife shopping, if you follow the above-listed tips, you’ll get yourself a quality knife that can be used for an extended period.  

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